Monday, December 29, 2008


Egnyte is a website which provides services as an on-demand file server for small business and professionals. As we know, file sharing is very important for businesses. It can make communication run better. But the security of data must be given attention, too. Egnyte really understands about this. That’s why, security becomes the priority.

Egnyte provides file sharing software in which we can work on documents with our employees and business partners. By using this software, we can share files easily and we can also back up our computers. Backing up computer is absolutely necessary in order that we can protect our data if some day there is something wrong with our computers or networks. Egnyte gives a 15 day free trial with no credit card and no obligation. So, we can use this opportunity to try the service before deciding to buy the product. A number of customers from USA, Canada, Europe and Asia are satisfied with the service and become loyal customers of Egnyte. In short, there are many advantages the customers will get from Egnyte: they can store files in a secure central location, they can share file easily, they can back up their computers, they will get email clutter reduction from the easy file sharing, they will get security from Egnyte, and some more advantages.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Computer Shopper

Computer Shopper is a website which provides some information and reviews on many kinds of products, such as desktop computers, laptop computers, graphics cards, printers, networking appliances, monitors, hard drives, digital cameras, camcorders, cellular phones, and software. If you need the things mentioned above, Computer Shopper can become a good choice for you to surf. Top products are displayed if you want to find one. Prices are also included in order that you can buy the product which is suitable with your preference and budget.

Computer reviews are provided. So, if you are interested in computer in its peripherals or components, you can read the reviews. By reading those reviews, we can learn something and add to our knowledge and understanding about a product. It is a fact that many people make up their minds to buy a product after they have read a review on the product. For those who are interested in software, they can download the software provided. If you still have any problem with how to buy the products, Computer Shopper has provided buying guides for you. Just read and you can solve your problem. In this website you can see products from well-known manufacturer, like Toshiba, Canon, Philips, Asus, HP, Dell, LG, and Samsung.

Friday, December 19, 2008


What is MeHype? Have you ever heard this name? well… this is a new video advertising website. MeHype invites you all to join and to develop your creativity in making video. As we know, video marketing is very popular now and it seems to be successful in attracting the consumers. The best mixtures of good texts, beautiful pictures, and nice sounds become one of the elements that can determine whether an advertisement can reach the audience or not. The progress of internet technology and software development can absolutely help the development of this kind of advertising. It makes the making process of the advertising easier and easier. Even you do not need a special skill to make it.

When I visited the website of MeHype, the interface is very simple. But when I learned about the vision and mission of this website, it is not that simple. The mission to develop online video advertising is really good. All of this need innovation and creativitiy. So guys… Are you interested in this kind of advertising? Why not visit MeHype website to get more information? You can become a producer or a publisher. Be innovative, be creative, and be the one who leads!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Nouveau University

Many schools or universities have now held online courses or training. The students can study at home and they can arrange their own study time. This system seems to be very effective for those who do not have enough time to study in conventional institutions. Nouveau University is a private online university which gives courses and training, especially for such study programs as real estate investing, small business management, marketing, finance, and accounting. The learning system is designed in such a way that the students can understand what they learn effectively. It is not surprising that those students can really apply their knowledge after they have graduated from the university. Many stories have been told about the success of the graduates of Nouveau University. Some of them can get wealth; some of them become successful entrepreneurs; some of them work in real estate investment; and many more professions.

Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, Nouveau University seems to have made a rapid progress. This university was founded by a successful entrepreneur Jim Piccolo. More and more people enroll and want to be students of this online university. They hope that they will have a better and brighter future after joining courses or training in this university.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Stocks Online

The first time I visited, I was interested in the color of the background. As a matter of fact, this website is simple, but contains much information on forex trading. This website is worth visiting, especially for those who are interested in forex. From the information they get from this website, they can make a better step in their forex exchange business.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Holiday Glass Frames from Zenni Optical

Talking about eyeglasses, there is an offer of holiday glass frames from Zenni Optical. All the frames have beautiful styles. As the popular online eyeglasses shop, Zenni Optical always offers good quality products with affordable prices. If you are interested in Rx eyeglasses, you can access Zenni website and get $8 complete Rx eyeglasses.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


What is LifeLock? It is an online company which focuses on providing service to clients who need security for their personal information or financial information. As we know, many cases on identity theft have occurred and they have caused a lot of damage or harm. Knowing this fact, we need to take a preventive action. Life Lock has an identity theft prevention program. This program is very good and useful. By joining this program, at least we have taken the right step to protect our identity or our personal information. Bad people are everywhere. They are ready to steal our identity and use it for their benefits. The victim will certainly suffer from a lot of losses.

With the help of, we can get rid of, or at least reduce, the bad results of identity theft. We can sleep soundly because our personal or financial information is protected. Just imagine if you try to protect your identity by yourself. You cannot sleep soundly because every night you will think about your credit accounts, your personal information, or financial information. You will be worried about the security of your identity. You will be worried in case there is someone who is trying to access your credit accounts, for example.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Zenni Optical

Some people wear eyeglasses only for style. That’s why, they try to find stylish eyeglasses for them. Zenni Optical offers those kinds of eyeglasses. Even you can get great eyeglasses for less. By paying less you can save your money. Variable dimension frames from Zenni are also available. So, you don’t need to worry.

Zenni Optical becomes more popular now. Zenni Optical was on FOX news! Yes, Zenni on Fox.

Friday, October 17, 2008


A supernova (plural: supernovae or supernovas) is a stellar explosion. They are extremely luminous and cause a burst of radiation that often briefly outshines an entire galaxy before fading from view over several weeks or months. During this short interval, a supernova can radiate as much energy as the Sun could emit over its life span. The explosion expels much or all of a star's material at a velocity of up to a tenth the speed of light, driving a shock wave into the surrounding interstellar medium. This shock wave sweeps up an expanding shell of gas and dust called a supernova remnant.

Several types of supernovae exist that may be triggered in one of two ways, involving either turning off or suddenly turning on the production of energy through nuclear fusion. After the core of an aging massive star ceases to generate energy from nuclear fusion, it may undergo sudden gravitational collapse into a neutron star or black hole, releasing gravitational potential energy that heats and expels the star's outer layers. Alternatively, a white dwarf star may accumulate sufficient material from a stellar companion (usually through accretion, rarely via a merger) to raise its core temperature enough to ignite carbon fusion, at which point it undergoes runaway nuclear fusion, completely disrupting it. Stellar cores whose furnaces have permanently gone out collapse when their masses exceed the Chandrasekhar limit, while accreting white dwarfs ignite as they approach this limit (roughly 1.38 times the mass of the sun). White dwarfs are also subject to a different, much smaller type of thermonuclear explosion fueled by hydrogen on their surfaces called a nova. Solitary stars with a mass below approximately nine solar masses, such as the Sun itself, evolve into white dwarfs without ever becoming supernovae.

On average, supernovae occur about once every 50 years in a galaxy the size of the Milky Way. They play a significant role in enriching the interstellar medium with higher mass elements. Furthermore, the expanding shock waves from supernova explosions can trigger the formation of new stars.


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Custom Writing Service

What is It is a website which provides services in custom writing, such as college essays. In this life not everything can run as we have expected. For example, Peter is a smart student. But unfortunately, when he is going to finish his study, he has so many things to do. He cannot avoid those jobs. So, he does not have much time to write an essay paper assigned to him. One of the ways to solve his problem is asking for services from has a number of skilled and experienced writers who will be ready to assist you with your essay writing. The process of writing is fast, so you do not need to worry about the deadline. The content of the writing is also original. You can check by using anti-plagiarism software. Quality and authenticity have become the priority of this custom writing service. As the customer, you can also make a direct communication with the writer. Custom essay service seems to be more and more popular now. Many people need this service due to their limited time. How about you, readers? Are you also too busy to write your own essay or paper? Just come and visit! There are some essays for sale.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Memory Deal

Memory, which is also known as RAM (Random Access Memory), is one of vital elements of our computer. Without memory modules, the computer will not run. Changing or adding extra memory modules is very easy to do. Just pull them out from the slots and change with the new ones. But sometimes, if the memory modules that we use are not the right kind of RAM which our computer needs, there will be a problem with the system of the computer. That’s why, choosing and using the right memory are very important.

Memory Deal is the best place to look for many kinds of memory modules. All the products sold have high quality and will not harm your computer system. If you are in need of IMAC memory or Mac Pro memory, for example, just browse this website. You will get what you need. Many kinds of Apple memory modules are provided by this website. You can also check the price of the memory modules. All spesifications of memory modules are available. Well readers, now it depends on you whether you are going to use bad quality memory modules or good quality RAM with high performance. You can make your own decision!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Jokes are humorous remarks which can cause other people to smile or even to laugh. When we are watching TV, for example, we can see some programs containing jokes. It seems that telling jokes can become a solution to break the ice of silence or just to make the atmosphere more comfortable.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Google Chrome

Apa sih Google Chrome? Kok beberapa hari ini banyak blogger yang bicara tentang Google Chrome. Makanan apa lagi nih yang dikeluarkan Google untuk berbuka puasa...!

Ketika berkunjung ke blog-blog sahabat, banyak yang cerita tentang pengalamannya mengenai Google Chrome, sebuah web browser baru yang dikeluarkan oleh Google. Karena tidak mau ketinggalan, saya coba juga download web browser ini dan menginstalnya pada notebook saya. Walaupun masih dalam tahap beta, Google Chrome web browser dapat menjalankan tugasnya dengan baik. Saya coba membuka blog saya Let’s Learn English dan blog ini dapat terbuka dengan cepat.

Kalau kita lihat sekilas, tampilannya nampak begitu sederhana. Tidak banyak menu yang bisa ditemukan. Hal ini wajar saja karena Google Chrome masih dalam tahap beta. Satu perbedaan yang sangat mencolok antara Google Chrome dan web browser lain seperti Mozilla Firefox dan Internet Explorer adalah penempatan tab yang berada di bagian atas jendela browser. Mudah-mudahan saja web browser yang masih dikembangkan oleh Google ini akan bisa menjadi alternatif yang signifikan bagi para internet users. Mau coba?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


What is Phentermine? It is a kind of diet pills which can be used to reduce weight. It works by suppressing the appetite. By combining the use of these diet pills and a good diet plan, it is expected that the consumers will be able to lose their weight in a healthy way. One important thing to know about it is that it is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Friday, August 22, 2008


Talking about internet technology cannot be separated from search engine because a great many internet users take advantage of this kind of engine to find the materials they need. As a new experimental search engine, is trying to serve its users in searching many kinds of materials by using certain keywords or phrases. The searching is simple, easy, and fast. Just type the phrases representing the materials that you want to find and then click Search button. RankNoodle will work for you by finding the best and the most suitable materials. Do you want to know more about this? Just visit the website and give it a try!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Business Loan

Talking about business loans, it cannot be separated from running a business and its problems. Business owners frequently need a business loan to run their business or to make an expansion. is an online company which provides business owners with the capital they need. The process is easy; the funding is fast; and the service is excellent. These benefits make the customers satisfied.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


What does MRI stand for? MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Below are some information and a picture of MRI equipment I obtain from Wikipedia about MRI and its uses.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is primarily a medical imaging technique most commonly used in Radiology to visualize the structure and function of the body. It provides detailed images of the body in any plane. MRI provides much greater contrast between the different soft tissues of the body than does computed tomography (CT), making it especially useful in neurological (brain), musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, and oncological (cancer) imaging. Unlike CT it uses no ionizing radiation, but uses a powerful magnetic field to align the nuclear magnetization of (usually) hydrogen atoms in water in the body. Radiofrequency fields are used to systematically alter the alignment of this magnetization, causing the hydrogen nuclei to produce a rotating magnetic field detectable by the scanner. This signal can be manipulated by additional magnetic fields to build up enough information to reconstruct an image of the body.

MRI is a relatively new technology, which has been in widespread use for less than 20 years (compared with over 100 years for X-rays). The first MR Image was published in 1973 and the first study performed on a human took place on July 3, 1977.

Magnetic resonance imaging was developed from knowledge gained in the study of nuclear magnetic resonance. In its early years the technique was referred to as nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (NMRI). However, as the word nuclear was associated in the public mind with ionizing radiation exposure it is generally now referred to simply as MRI. Scientists still use the term NMRI when discussing non-medical devices operating on the same principles. One of the contributors to modern MRI, Paul Lauterbur, originally named the technique zeugmatography, a Greek term meaning "that which is used for joining". The term referred to the interaction between the static and the gradient magnetic fields necessary to create an image, but this term was not adopted.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Beautiful Eyeglasses

Eyeglasses are used not only for eye health but also for style. Incredible stylish new frames from Zenni are available. Zenni Optical was on FOX news! So, don't miss it! You can find the best and the most suitable one for you. Zenni sells eyeglasses with low prices but with good quality. You can get Zenni Optical $8 Rx eyeglasses.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Computing Hardware

The history of computing hardware covers the history of computer hardware, its architecture, and its impact on software. Originally calculations were computed by humans, who were called computers, as a job title.

The von Neumann architecture unifies our current computing hardware implementations. The major elements of computing hardware are input, output, memory, and processor (control and datapath). They have undergone successive refinement or improvement over the history of computing hardware. Beginning with mechanical mechanisms, the hardware then started using analogs for a computation, including water and even air as the analog quantities: analog computers have used lengths, pressures, voltages, and currents to represent the results of calculations. Eventually the voltages or currents were standardized and digital computers were developed over a period of evolution dating back centuries. Digital computing elements have ranged from mechanical gears, to electromechanical relays, to vacuum tubes, to transistors, and to integrated circuits, all of which are currently implementing the von Neumann architecture.

Since digital computers rely on digital storage, and tend to be limited by the size and speed of memory, the history of computer data storage is tied to the development of computers. The degree of improvement in computing hardware has triggered world-wide use of the technology. Even as performance has improved, the price has declined, until computers have become commodities, accessible to ever-increasing sectors of the world's population. Computing hardware thus became a platform for uses other than computation, such as automation, communication, control, entertainment, and education. Each field in turn has imposed its own requirements on the hardware, which has evolved in response to those requirements.

Source: Wikipedia

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Olympic Games

The Olympic Games is an international multi-sport event subdivided into summer and winter sporting events. The summer and winter games are each held every four years (an Olympiad). Until 1992, they were both held in the same year. Since then, they have been separated by a two year gap.

The original Olympic Games were first recorded in 776 BC in Olympia, Greece, and were celebrated until AD 393. Interest in reviving the Olympic Games proper was first shown by the Greek poet and newspaper editor Panagiotis Soutsos in his poem "Dialogue of the Dead" in 1833. Evangelos Zappas sponsored the first modern international Olympic Games in 1859. He paid for the refurbishment of the Panathinaiko Stadium for Games held there in 1870 and 1875. This was noted in newspapers and publications around the world including the London Review, which stated that "the Olympic Games, discontinued for centuries, have recently been revived! Here is strange news indeed ... the classical games of antiquity were revived near Athens".

The International Olympic Committee was founded in 1894 on the initiative of a French nobleman, Pierre Frédy, Baron de Coubertin. The first of the IOC's Olympic Games were the 1896 Summer Olympics, held in Athens, Greece. Participation in the Olympic Games has increased to include athletes from nearly all nations worldwide. With the improvement of satellite communications and global telecasts of the events, the Olympics are consistently gaining supporters. The most recent Summer Olympics were the 2004 Games in Athens and the most recent Winter Olympics were the 2006 Games in Turin. The upcoming games in Beijing are planned to comprise 302 events in 28 sports. As of 2006, the Winter Olympics were competed in 84 events in 7 sports.

Source: Wikipedia

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Blog advertising becomes more popular now. Bloggers can now make money only by writing posts assigned by advertisers. If you are interested, you can sign up at Bloggerwave. Wait for the approval process which does not take a long time. If your blog is approved, you can get jobs, and of course, you will be paid for every job you have accomplished.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Stylish Web Design Blog

What is a stylish web design? A web design is said to be stylish when it can create blogs or websites which not only function well but also give an impressive image to the visitors. For a business web, for example, a good impression will have a big impact on the success of the business. Designing a good web needs special skills. Not all people can do it. If you are interested in knowing about web designs, you can visit a web design blog. In this blog there are a large collection of informative and useful articles. You can take advantages of the articles in order to increase your knowledge on stylish web designs.

Is that all? No! You can also read posts on user account control. User account control plays a very important role in a system. The existence of user accounts is certainly unavoidable. You must be able to manage them as well as possible.

Whatelse can you get from the blog? When I visited the blog, there was a post on spyware community. Two kinds of membership (Basic Membership and Advanced Membership) are offered. Being the member of this community will give you some advantages because you can monitor your system when there are unauthorized changes made by unauthorized people or when there are unauthorized installations of the software.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Jogging is a form of trotting or running at a slow or leisurely pace. The main intention is to increase fitness with less stress than actually running, instead of competition.

The definition of jogging as compared with running is not standard. Dr. George Sheehan, a running expert, is quoted to have said "the difference between a jogger and a runner is an entry blank". Others are usually more specific, defining jogging as running slower than 6mph (10 minute per mile pace, 10 km/h, 6 min/km).

The term to jog/jogging as a form of exercise originated in England in the mid seventeenth century. This usage became common throughout the empire and in his 1884 novel My Run Home the Australian author Rolf Boldrewood wrote "your bedroom curtains were still drawn as I passed on my morning jog".

In the United States jogging was also called "roadwork" when athletes in training such as boxers, customarily ran several miles each day as part of their conditioning. In New Zealand during the 1960s or 1970s the word "roadwork" was mostly supplanted by the word "jogging", promoted by the coach Arthur Lydiard, and this form of running became quite popular among many people at that time. University of Oregon track coach Bill Bowerman, after jogging with Lydiard in New Zealand, brought the concept of jogging as exercise to the United States in 1962. Bowerman published the book Jogging in 1966, and later updated the book for a 1967 republication. Bowerman established jogging programs for men and women of all ages. The popularity of these programs helped to spread the concept of jogging as an exercise for everyone throughout the United States.

Source: Wikipedia

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Disk Defragmentation

Disk defragmentation describes the process of consolidating fragmented files on your computer's hard disk.

Fragmentation happens to a hard disk over time as you save, change, or delete files. The changes that you save to a file are often stored at a location on the hard disk that's different from the original file. Additional changes are saved to even more locations. Over time, both the file and the hard disk itself become fragmented, and your computer slows down as it has to look in many different places to open a file.

Disk Defragmenter is a tool that rearranges the data on your hard disk and reunites fragmented files so your computer can run more efficiently. In this version of Windows, Disk Defragmenter runs on a schedule so you don't have to remember to run it, although you can still run it manually or change the schedule it uses.

Source: Windows Help Center

Look of the Year

Do you want to be a famous model and win USD10,000? Do you think that you are beautiful/handsome and photogenic? If you answer yes, maybe you can join a beauty contest held by Look of the Year. People from all over the world may join this contest. There are four categories for this contest: Girls 14-19, Women 19+, Boys 14-19, and Men 19+. So, it means that this contest is not only for young teenagers but also for people over 19 years old. Just send your best pictures to join this contest!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Life of Ibu Kartini (Part 2)

In her seclusion, Kartini kept on doing her good habits to read books. Additionally, she wrote plenty of letters to her white friends abroad. She shared her feeling and thoughts with them. Kartini was indeed good at writing letters.

On November 8, 1903, Kartini got married to Raden Adipati Ario Joyohadiningrat, the regent of Rembang. Although she had been married, she still tried to realize her aspiration. She had a great interest in education, especially for girls. She worked hard to have schools established for girls. She then began to teach at an Elementary School for girls in Rembang.

Kartini passed away on September 17, 1904, a fer days after she gave birth to a baby named Raden Mas Susalit. What she had done was, as a matter of fact, only a little part of her pure and sublime ideal.

In 1911 Mr. J. Abendanon published a book entitled Door Duisternis tot Licht. This book was then translated into Indonesian Habis Gelap Terbitlah Terang. In this book, a compilation of Kartini’s letters written to her Dutch friends are printed. From the letters, we know how broad her knowledge and view were, how high her sense of nationalism was, and how much she loved Indonesian women.

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Life of Ibu Kartini (Part 1)

Every April 21, Indonesian people commemorate ‘Kartini Day’. Raden Ajeng Kartini was the one who struggled hard to encourage the progress of Indonesian women. That is why, she is well known as the pioneer of Indonesian women’s emancipation movement.

Raden Ajeng Kartini was born on April 21, 1879 in Mayong, Jepara, Central Java. She came from a noble family. Her father whose name was Raden Mas Adipati Ario Samingun Sosroningrat was an assistant of a district chief at that time. Some years later he became the regent of Jepara. Kartini lived in a highly feudal atmosphere which was very different from and contrary to her sublime ideal.

Because of her father’s status, Kartini could go to Europeesche Lagere School (European Elementary School) in Jepara. In this school she had a lot of Indonesian and Dutch friends. From her Dutch friends she was able to learn western cultures. Kartini was a diligent and clever girl. She loved reading so much. By reading books, magazines and newspapers, she broadened her knowledge. Kartini began to realize that Indonesian women were not free and were left behind compared to western women. Then a thought crossed her mind. She intended to improve the situation and to make women equal to men. She had to struggle hard to manifest her ambition. And of course, she met a lot of obstacles.

Unfortunately, after completing her study in Europeesche Lagere School, she could not further her study to a higher school. It was the tradition that the girl of her age had to keep staying at home. Kartini really felt like living in a prison.

Monday, April 7, 2008

The Games Don't Run Smoothly

Have you ever had a problem with your computer in which the game you play does not run smoothly? This problem usually happens when the hardware in your computer does not support. For example, you are going to play a 3-D game and you come across this kind of problem. The problem can be caused by several factors: first, the processor in your computer is not fast enough. This problem can be solved by upgrading your processor with the new one having faster and better performance. Second, the memory, or usually called RAM (Random Access Memory), of your computer is not adequate. Try to increase the capacity of your RAM. If your computer currently uses 256 Mega Bytes or 512 Mega Bytes of RAM, try to upgrade it with 1 GB or 1.5 GB of RAM. Third, the VGA card can also become the cause of the problem. VGA card functions to display output on the screen of the monitor. The 3-D games usually require a good and fast VGA card. So, you can upgrade your VGA card to get a better performance.

Sunday, March 30, 2008


What is BIOS?

BIOS stands for Basic Input Output System. It is a program which functions to configure computer hardware. BIOS program is kept in a BIOS chip.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


What is a tongue-twister?

According to Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, a tongue-twister is a phrase that is designed to be difficult to articulate properly. Tongue-twisters may rely on similar but distinct phonemes (e.g., s [s] and sh [ʃ]), unfamiliar constructs in loanwords, or other features of a language.

The hardest tongue-twister in the English language (according to Guinness World Records) is supposedly The sixth sick sheikh's sixth sheep's sick.

Below is an example of a long tongue-twister:
Betty Botter bought a bit of butter.
The butter Betty Botter bought was a bit bitter
And made her batter bitter.
But a bit of better butter
Makes batter better.
So Betty Botter bought a bit of better butter,
Making Betty Botter's bitter batter better.

If you want to know more examples of tongue-twisters, just visit Let's Learn English.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Snap Bomb

Blog advertising means that an individual or a company advertise his/her products through blogs. This is very popular now and this blog marketing seems to be very effective in achieving marketing goals.

One of the types of blog advertising is a review program. In this program, advertisers who want to build a buzz ask bloggers to write posts about their products, services, or websites. In order that this program can run well, a broker is needed. As one of the brokers in this kind of business, SnapBomb does its function in connecting advertisers who want to have their products reviewed and bloggers who want to get paid by writing posts in their blog. So, all parties can get advantage from it!

Friday, March 14, 2008

My Computer is Not Stable. Why?

Sometimes the computer that we use restarts or turns off by itself. If this problem happens to your computer, there are some possibilities: first, your computer is too hot. To overcome this problem, install an additional fan inside the case of the CPU. This fan can function to make the CPU cooler. Second, the quality of the power supply in your computer is not good. Try to use a power supply with the output power of at least 400 Watts. The higher the power is, the better it will be. Third, the system files of your computer are corrupt. Try to reinstall your operating system to make your computer fresh again. Fourth, the problem can also be caused by a virus. Try to update your antivirus and scan your computer regularly. But remember! Installing an antivirus program does not always guarantee that your computer is free from viruses. Some viruses cannot be detected.

Source: Communication & Information Technology

Monday, March 10, 2008

Daniel Defoe

Daniel Defoe was born in London in 1660. After many years of studying for the ministry, Daniel decided that a religious life did not suit him. He chose, instead, to become a merchant.

He traveled widely and built up a successful business. During this period, he married and started raising a family.

But in 1692 his business failed, leaving the 32-year-old Defoe heavily in debt, with a wife and six children to support. Since he had always been interested in politics, he tried making his living by writing political articles for newspapers. These articles often criticized the king and the ruling party. As a result, Defoe spent many years in and out of prison.

Since his political writings had brought only troubles and increasing debts, Defoe turned to fiction writing. His first novel written in 1719 when Defoe was nearly sixty years old, was to become one of the best known adventure stories in the world. That novel was Robinson Crusoe--a story which still thrills readers today, more than two hundred fifty years later.

Robinson Crusoe brought Defoe great success and helped him pay back part of his debts. He continued writing novels such as Moll Flanders, Colonel Jack, and two other Robinson Crusoe stories, but his creditors always seemed to be one step behind him.

During his last years, Defoe was a sick, lonely old man, hunted by his creditors and abandoned by his ungrateful children. He died in 1731 at the age of 71, as alone and frightened as his hero, Robinson, had been during his 28 years on a deserted island.

Taken from: Catatan Henson

Sunday, March 9, 2008


What is language?

According to Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary, USA, 1981, language is a systematic means of communicating ideas or feeling by the use of conventionalized signs, sounds, gestures, or marks having understood meanings.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Two Sides of the Brain

In the late 1960s, research in the US was done by Roger Sperry and Robert Ormstein into the brain and its functions. They found that we have two brains (cortices) or, to be more accurate, two sides of the brain which is linked by a nerve structure called the corpus callosum. These two different hemispheres function in different ways and serve different mental processes.

The left side, which controls the right side of the body, is predominantly engaged with academic activities such as logical thinking, mathematics and numbers, words, analysis and reasoning, whereas the right side of the brain, which controls the left side of the body, is the artistic part which deals with images, imagination, rhythm, colour, orientation in space, music, humour and dreams, and recognition of faces, patterns and maps.

(Source: Energize Yourself! by Vera Peiffer)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Alfred Bernhard Nobel (Part 2)

Alfred in His Final Days

Alfred's health was not in good condition, and it had gone from bad to worse due to the inner crisis in his life. He witnessed with his own eyes that his invention was used for war. A great number of people had lost their lives. He felt very guilty of having invented the explosive. At first he invented the explosive for peaceful and technical purposes, not for military purpose. Since then he had become one of public figures who struggled for international peace.

Alfred passed away on December 10, 1896 in San Remo, Italy. He closed his eyes for good, bringing the feeling of regret in his heart.

Alfred & The Nobel Prizes

The Nobel prizes are very famous in the world. The names of these awards were taken from Nobel's name because it was he who had left a will that his wealth was used to establish international awards. The Nobel prizes are awarded annually in Sweden and Norway. The awardees are not limited to people residing in certain countries. The prizes are given to outstanding and meritorious people who have worked for the good of humanity regardless of their nationality.

The Nobel prizes were awarded for the first time in 1901 for five fields: Physics, Chemistry, Physiology/Medicine, Literature, and Peace. Then in 1969 the Economics Award was also granted. The Peace prize is awarded in Oslo, Norway while the other prizes in Stockholm, Sweden. Those prizes are awarded in December 1o to commemorate the death of Alfred Bernhard Nobel.

(From various sources)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Alfred Bernhard Nobel (Part 1)

Alfred in His Early Age

Alfred Bernhard Nobel was born on October 21, 1833 in Stockholm, Sweden. Alfred had shown a lot of promise in science since he was very young. His father, Immanuel Nobel, was an engineer and Alfred learned much about fundamental engineering from him. In 1842 Alfred followed his family to move to St. Petersburg.

Alfred & His Inventions

Alfred had a great interest in chemistry. So, in 1850 he went to France to satisfy his desire to study chemistry. A year later he left for the United States to study engineering. It seemed that he had been crazy about science. He always tried his best to deepen his knowledge.

Alfred spent four years in the United States. Then he returned to St. Petersburg and worked in his father's factory. Here he made an experimentation on nitroglycerin, a kind of chemical liquid which can explode easily. When the firm went bankrupt in 1859, Alfred went back to Sweden. What he did then was starting the making of the liquid explosive nitroglycerin.

Alfred felt that the nitroglycerin he had made contained some weaknesses. So, he tried to perfect it by reducing the danger of nitroglycerin. As a result, in 1866 Alfred managed to invent a safer explosive called the dynamite. The dynamite was patented in Britain in 1867 and in the United States in 1868. Again, Alfred tried to develop his invention and he succeeded in inventing a more powerful dynamite, blasting gelatin which was patented in 1876. Then, he was also successful in making the first nitroglycerin smokeless powders called the ballistite. But this time he failed to get the patent.

Being a very famous and successful inventor, Alfred became very rich. His inventions have led him to be one of the prominent inventors in the world. He deserves that!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Valentina Vladmirovna Tereshkova

Who is Valentina Vladmirovna Tereshkova?

Valentina Vladmirovna Tereshkova was born in 1937. She became a Soviet cosmonaut who was the first woman in space.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Biggest Animal

What is the biggest animal in the world?

Do you think that elephants or dinosaurs are the biggest animals in the world? The answer is NO!!! The biggest animal in the world is BLUE WHALE. A blue whale can be up to 33 meters in length. How about its weight? Well... its weight can reach more than 100 tonnes. Can you imagine that???

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Yuri Gagarin

Who is Yuri Gagarin?

Yuri Gagarin is a Soviet cosmonaut who in 1961 was the first person to travel in space. This made him very popular and he received many medals from different countries for his pioneering tour in space.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Archimedes' Principle

What does Archimedes' principle say?

This principle is very famous and it says,"A body immersed in a fluid is buoyed up by a force equal to the weight of the displaced fluid."

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Mengapa Mata Kucing Bersinar?

Mengapa mata kucing bersinar di malam hari?

Agar dapat memburu mangsanya di saat gelap, kucing sering membuka matanya lebar-lebar. Mata yang terbuka lebar tersebut dimaksudkan agar setiap cahaya yang ditangkap dapat masuk sebanyak-banyaknya ke dalam mata. Inilah yang mungkin menjadi penyebab bersinarnya mata kucing pada malam hari.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Mark Twain

Samuel Langhorne Clemens was born in Florida, Missouri, on November 30, 1835. During his school days, he was often mischievous and inattentive. Therefore, he left school when he was only twelve years old. But... many years later he became a man of many interests and occupations.

He began his career as a printer, then became a pilot of a Mississippi riverboat. Next, he also worked as a journalist, travel writer, and publisher. He wrote a number of articles, short stories, and novels. Some of his great works are The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Life on the Mississippi, The Prince and the Pauper, and A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court.

Mark Twain was a pen name of Samuel Langhorne Clemens. This name came from his riverboat days. At that time he was measuring the depth of the water which was called "marking the twain."

Mark Twain died in 1910. Now his name is very popular. He becomes one of America's greatest writers. If you want to know more about him and his works, I suggest you read one or more of his works.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Operating System

What is an operating system?

When a computer is turned on, it searches for instructions in its memory. Usually, the first set of these instructions is a special program called the operating system, which is the software that makes the computer work. It prompts the user (or other machines) for input and commands, reports the results of these commands and other operations, stores and manages data, and controls the sequence of the software and hardware actions. When the user requests that a program run, the operating system loads the program in the computer’s memory and runs the program. Popular operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows and the Macintosh system (Mac OS), have a graphical user interface (GUI)—that is, a display that uses tiny pictures, or icons, to represent various commands. To execute these commands, the user clicks the mouse on the icon or presses a combination of keys on the keyboard.

(Source: Microsoft® Encarta® Encyclopedia 2002)

Sunday, February 3, 2008

TV Tuner Card

Apa itu TV Tuner Card?

TV Tuner Card adalah kartu yang berfungsi untuk menangkap siaran televisi sehingga acara-acara televisi bisa kita saksikan melalui komputer. Saat ini banyak juga TV Tuner Card yang sudah diperlengkapi dengan alat untuk menangkap siaran radio FM. Kartu ini biasanya disisipkan ke dalam slot PCI pada motherboard komputer.

Friday, January 25, 2008


Apa itu motherboard?

Motherboard atau ada juga yang menyebutnya mainboard adalah papan sirkuit utama dalam komputer tempat terpasangnya berbagai peralatan, seperti prosesor, memori (RAM), kartu suara (sound card), kartu grafis (graphic card) dan berbagai jenis peralatan input output lainnya.

ASRock K7VT4APro Mainboard