Friday, March 14, 2008

My Computer is Not Stable. Why?

Sometimes the computer that we use restarts or turns off by itself. If this problem happens to your computer, there are some possibilities: first, your computer is too hot. To overcome this problem, install an additional fan inside the case of the CPU. This fan can function to make the CPU cooler. Second, the quality of the power supply in your computer is not good. Try to use a power supply with the output power of at least 400 Watts. The higher the power is, the better it will be. Third, the system files of your computer are corrupt. Try to reinstall your operating system to make your computer fresh again. Fourth, the problem can also be caused by a virus. Try to update your antivirus and scan your computer regularly. But remember! Installing an antivirus program does not always guarantee that your computer is free from viruses. Some viruses cannot be detected.

Source: Communication & Information Technology

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