Monday, December 29, 2008


Egnyte is a website which provides services as an on-demand file server for small business and professionals. As we know, file sharing is very important for businesses. It can make communication run better. But the security of data must be given attention, too. Egnyte really understands about this. That’s why, security becomes the priority.

Egnyte provides file sharing software in which we can work on documents with our employees and business partners. By using this software, we can share files easily and we can also back up our computers. Backing up computer is absolutely necessary in order that we can protect our data if some day there is something wrong with our computers or networks. Egnyte gives a 15 day free trial with no credit card and no obligation. So, we can use this opportunity to try the service before deciding to buy the product. A number of customers from USA, Canada, Europe and Asia are satisfied with the service and become loyal customers of Egnyte. In short, there are many advantages the customers will get from Egnyte: they can store files in a secure central location, they can share file easily, they can back up their computers, they will get email clutter reduction from the easy file sharing, they will get security from Egnyte, and some more advantages.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Computer Shopper

Computer Shopper is a website which provides some information and reviews on many kinds of products, such as desktop computers, laptop computers, graphics cards, printers, networking appliances, monitors, hard drives, digital cameras, camcorders, cellular phones, and software. If you need the things mentioned above, Computer Shopper can become a good choice for you to surf. Top products are displayed if you want to find one. Prices are also included in order that you can buy the product which is suitable with your preference and budget.

Computer reviews are provided. So, if you are interested in computer in its peripherals or components, you can read the reviews. By reading those reviews, we can learn something and add to our knowledge and understanding about a product. It is a fact that many people make up their minds to buy a product after they have read a review on the product. For those who are interested in software, they can download the software provided. If you still have any problem with how to buy the products, Computer Shopper has provided buying guides for you. Just read and you can solve your problem. In this website you can see products from well-known manufacturer, like Toshiba, Canon, Philips, Asus, HP, Dell, LG, and Samsung.

Friday, December 19, 2008


What is MeHype? Have you ever heard this name? well… this is a new video advertising website. MeHype invites you all to join and to develop your creativity in making video. As we know, video marketing is very popular now and it seems to be successful in attracting the consumers. The best mixtures of good texts, beautiful pictures, and nice sounds become one of the elements that can determine whether an advertisement can reach the audience or not. The progress of internet technology and software development can absolutely help the development of this kind of advertising. It makes the making process of the advertising easier and easier. Even you do not need a special skill to make it.

When I visited the website of MeHype, the interface is very simple. But when I learned about the vision and mission of this website, it is not that simple. The mission to develop online video advertising is really good. All of this need innovation and creativitiy. So guys… Are you interested in this kind of advertising? Why not visit MeHype website to get more information? You can become a producer or a publisher. Be innovative, be creative, and be the one who leads!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Nouveau University

Many schools or universities have now held online courses or training. The students can study at home and they can arrange their own study time. This system seems to be very effective for those who do not have enough time to study in conventional institutions. Nouveau University is a private online university which gives courses and training, especially for such study programs as real estate investing, small business management, marketing, finance, and accounting. The learning system is designed in such a way that the students can understand what they learn effectively. It is not surprising that those students can really apply their knowledge after they have graduated from the university. Many stories have been told about the success of the graduates of Nouveau University. Some of them can get wealth; some of them become successful entrepreneurs; some of them work in real estate investment; and many more professions.

Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, Nouveau University seems to have made a rapid progress. This university was founded by a successful entrepreneur Jim Piccolo. More and more people enroll and want to be students of this online university. They hope that they will have a better and brighter future after joining courses or training in this university.