Monday, December 29, 2008


Egnyte is a website which provides services as an on-demand file server for small business and professionals. As we know, file sharing is very important for businesses. It can make communication run better. But the security of data must be given attention, too. Egnyte really understands about this. That’s why, security becomes the priority.

Egnyte provides file sharing software in which we can work on documents with our employees and business partners. By using this software, we can share files easily and we can also back up our computers. Backing up computer is absolutely necessary in order that we can protect our data if some day there is something wrong with our computers or networks. Egnyte gives a 15 day free trial with no credit card and no obligation. So, we can use this opportunity to try the service before deciding to buy the product. A number of customers from USA, Canada, Europe and Asia are satisfied with the service and become loyal customers of Egnyte. In short, there are many advantages the customers will get from Egnyte: they can store files in a secure central location, they can share file easily, they can back up their computers, they will get email clutter reduction from the easy file sharing, they will get security from Egnyte, and some more advantages.

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