Friday, December 19, 2008


What is MeHype? Have you ever heard this name? well… this is a new video advertising website. MeHype invites you all to join and to develop your creativity in making video. As we know, video marketing is very popular now and it seems to be successful in attracting the consumers. The best mixtures of good texts, beautiful pictures, and nice sounds become one of the elements that can determine whether an advertisement can reach the audience or not. The progress of internet technology and software development can absolutely help the development of this kind of advertising. It makes the making process of the advertising easier and easier. Even you do not need a special skill to make it.

When I visited the website of MeHype, the interface is very simple. But when I learned about the vision and mission of this website, it is not that simple. The mission to develop online video advertising is really good. All of this need innovation and creativitiy. So guys… Are you interested in this kind of advertising? Why not visit MeHype website to get more information? You can become a producer or a publisher. Be innovative, be creative, and be the one who leads!