Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Alfred Bernhard Nobel (Part 1)

Alfred in His Early Age

Alfred Bernhard Nobel was born on October 21, 1833 in Stockholm, Sweden. Alfred had shown a lot of promise in science since he was very young. His father, Immanuel Nobel, was an engineer and Alfred learned much about fundamental engineering from him. In 1842 Alfred followed his family to move to St. Petersburg.

Alfred & His Inventions

Alfred had a great interest in chemistry. So, in 1850 he went to France to satisfy his desire to study chemistry. A year later he left for the United States to study engineering. It seemed that he had been crazy about science. He always tried his best to deepen his knowledge.

Alfred spent four years in the United States. Then he returned to St. Petersburg and worked in his father's factory. Here he made an experimentation on nitroglycerin, a kind of chemical liquid which can explode easily. When the firm went bankrupt in 1859, Alfred went back to Sweden. What he did then was starting the making of the liquid explosive nitroglycerin.

Alfred felt that the nitroglycerin he had made contained some weaknesses. So, he tried to perfect it by reducing the danger of nitroglycerin. As a result, in 1866 Alfred managed to invent a safer explosive called the dynamite. The dynamite was patented in Britain in 1867 and in the United States in 1868. Again, Alfred tried to develop his invention and he succeeded in inventing a more powerful dynamite, blasting gelatin which was patented in 1876. Then, he was also successful in making the first nitroglycerin smokeless powders called the ballistite. But this time he failed to get the patent.

Being a very famous and successful inventor, Alfred became very rich. His inventions have led him to be one of the prominent inventors in the world. He deserves that!

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